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Dragonfly Meadow special commission Vase

Dragonfly Meadow special commission hand painted by Angela Blackman

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Special Commission

Inspired by an existing vase design “Dragonfly Meadow” on my website, I was commissioned to create a larger hand painted vase featuring a “Dragonfly Meadow” with a few personal additions. My client commissioned it as a special gift for a friend.

The brief I received included many little personal details that would be relevant to the recipient, such as a specially designed gem stone ring which was hidden in the grass, some mushrooms to represent her foraging activity and a ‘busy bee’ on the Allium head. The dandelion seeds blowing accross the vase carries initials of four women in the same family over 4 generations

Such a thoughtful commission, I was more than happy to complete for my client!

My client was delighted with the results and sent it to his friend in Lithuania