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The Poppy an extraordinary wild flower

Poppy designs

“The Poppy” Artwork, Photography and hand painted glassware by Angela Blackman

Such a symbolic wild flower that means so much to many of us. A single poppy or a whole field of poppies, the result is a thought provoking and a very special wild flower!

Apparently poppies were once abundant in and amongst the wheat field crops, but now with agricultural changes; they are probably found more commonly in roadside verges, wasteland and at the fields edge.

I remember the first time I looked at a poppy close up, I mean really looked; to the point I thought I mustn’t have seen them before! Such a miracle of nature, I can’t believe they were once considered as weeds. The petals are so intricate and delicate I wonder how they survive the elements; the strong winds and rain; such resilient flowers. Their colours are so vibrant too but surprisingly perhaps; they are almost transparent. There are so many varieties, large small and an abundance of colours – most popularly seen are yellow, orange, pink and predominantly red!

For me; the humble poppy is a symbol of hope and optimism. I love the way they just seem to appear in the hedgerows and open spaces. They have the ability to stand out when all around them is dull and bedraggled. I find them joyful and uplifting every time I see them. I love the way they are lit up when the sun hits their delicate petals, that’s whether an individual flower or a field of poppies. I often just have to stop and look when I see them (hopefully with my camera to hand).

I have shared a few magical moments of my own within my artwork. For example one of my first “Poppy” themed images I added to my website was “Vineyard poppies at sunrise” an image created after a trip to Tuscany. Italy is such an inspirational place, but especially in the ethereal dawn light. This image came about during a walk overlooking the vineyards at sunrise. It was so beautiful to watch the mist rise up the slopes and the sun penatrating each detail in what seemed to be tripple slow motion – San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

Poppy Photographic Canvas Print, Creative Photography, Hand Painted Whisky Tumblers

When I started to paint on glass I was requested to create a decanter set as a commission. Fields of poppies on  a pair of whisky tumblers along with a Spitfire flying over the poppy fields on a decanter to complete the set. I have continued to paint tumblers and other glasses plus I’ve added vases to my website; which also feature poppies or include them as part of the design.

Of course, they have a much deeper symbolic meaning in relation to remembrance and future peace. The Poppy was adopted as the official symbol of Remembrance and every year the Royal British Legion Armed Forces sell paper poppies to raise money for their charity (see their website for more information and to donate) Poppies are also worn as a show of support for the Armed Forces community for those who choose to do so.

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Angela x

Poppy designs Artwork and glassware