Husky Dog Commission Hand Painted Glasses by Angela Blackman

Commission Only

Husky dogs in the moonlit woods scene

Here are the results of a commission for a pair of hand painted hi-ball glasses by Angela Blackman

They were inspired by one of my past designs in my online shop, I’d created a pair stemmed Gin glasses depicting foxes in the moonlit woods. The lady saw those and asked for something similar on hi-ball tumblers with Husky dogs

I was given a couple of photographs of a Husky dog to use for colouring and general reference. I did some research in addition to explore the breed.

I have painted the dog in two different poses to make each glass unique. I’ve also included details such as an owl perching and flying with the tree and large moon playing a key part in the composition.

They were commissioned as a gift and the feedback was lovely telling me the results were very much admired – which means everything to me!