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Geese over the Marsh – 3D layered original artwork


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“Geese over the Marsh” 3D layered artwork created by Angela Blackman ©

“Create the environment and they will come! I love that idea and the way nature evolves, adapts and changes; making wildlife a reality in places you may never have expected in the past” AB

Inspired by many visits to RSPB sites including Fairburn Ings and RSPB St Aidan’s near to Leeds in West Yorkshire, a repurposed coal mining site, I’m always amazed by the variety of natures’ visitors!

With my artwork I wanted to show some flying geese, creating a feeling of 3D as though the geese are briefly flying over the scene – this is a complete fantasy as the scene I’ve created does not exist, but having said that I know Greylags have visited many areas further south than their native north

I have used my own photography to create the wetland marsh scene, adding a goose and finalising as a graphic art print. This part is the background canvas; individually printed

Next I have added 2 x hand painted acrylic layers, depicting flying geese. I wanted them to look as if they were just gathering to create their formation as they passed over the scene.

The front layer has a little more detail depicting one goose and marsh grass highlights

When the artwork is placed in partial sunlight throughout the day (Not direct sunlight and certainly not all day) intricate and beautiful shadows are created, adding another dimension as part of the overall artwork effect

Individually printed digital artwork canvas print with an additional 2 x original artwork hand painted layers of acrylic with non ferrous metal spacers on each corner

Each canvas is printed individually to order, then a hand painted layers are added, so no two are the exactly the same, everyone gets an original!

Overall Approximate sizes:

20 x 16 x 4 in (510 x 410 x 90 mm)

Material: Cotton Canvas – Background cotton canvas printed image 20 x 16 x 3 in (510 x 410 x 68 mm) We use the best quality polycotton canvas.

Print Finish: Digitally printed high resolution.

Hand Painted Acrylic Layers – 2 x hand painted sheets of ultra-clear 3mm thick acrylic 510 x 410 Constructed with non-ferrous bolts and spacers fixed at each corner of the canvas.

Complete with wall hanging bracket and wall fixings

Care: Note this is a unique artwork. It can be wiped occasionally with a dry soft cloth. Do not wet. Do not display in direct sunlight, but occasional sunlight throughout the day casts attractive shadows as part of the design!

Made in the UK