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Pair of Poppy flower head hand painted crystal glasses by Angela Blackman


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Hand painted to order – please allow 28 days from order confirmation for UK (mainland) delivery

Pair of Poppies flower head crystal glass tumblers – hand painted by Angela Blackman

“Sometimes it’s the shape of the glasses that inspire what I paint. In this case the glass becomes the entire flower head” AB

These stemless bowl shaped fine glass tumblers are so versatile – perfect for a glass of wine, spirits, cocktails or anything else you fancy!

Each piece is created individually so each one is individual, no two glasses are exactly the same

We source the high quality glasses on that basis.

Our hand painted designs are 100% our own, sold via my website online shop – you are buying an original hand painted ‘art on a glass’

Care Instructions

They are painted using professional glass paint, although I have kept clear of the glass rim. Of course, the painted area is delicate, but they are washable with care. Wash by hand in warm water. They are able to stand light contact with a soft cloth but not abrasion but they are not suitable for the dishwasher. DO NOT SOAK

Approximate Size and shape

65mm opening to 90mm bowl shape with a 30mm diameter dimple in the base

Capacity 440 ml

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