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Summer Dreams

Summer walks Blog

What an amazing summer so far this year – not bad for the UK!

Allium Bees Print detail

I hope you too have had plenty of chance to be outside and enjoy some summer sunshine.

Our collections are forever growing; we’ve been thrilled to capture a few photo details when we’ve been out and about this year. You know what it’s like, if you’re looking for images they’re not there – then sometimes something just happens to surprise you!

This year is a big deal for us as we’ve finally got round to creating a website to share a few of our images and artworks as prints and homeware products – we’re really excited to launch!

It’s a bit of a long process, but once we have a selection of images, we process them to create stunning photographic and art prints. We only use the best quality inks and have sourced and pre-selected a choice of wooden framed options. (More will be added over time but we had to start somewhere!)

We selected just a few for our on line shop – it’s so good to remember each season no matter what’s happening outside at the moment

We truly hope you enjoy our collection and they make your home a happy place!

Angela x