Commissions – Pet Portrait Hand Painted Glass Vase

Collie dog and 2 x puppies commission – hand painted glass vase by Angela Blackman

This vase of a Collie dog and 2 x puppies was such a challenge but I’m so happy to have been asked to paint it. I was given a selection of photographs and video to work from. I did some research on the breed and created a composition. I agreed the vase size with my client and went about creating the design. The main dog Molly was from one of my clients’ photographs, but the puppies were inspired by a combination of the video of them bounding around the field, which I thought would be fun and bring some energy to the piece. I used this reference and additional images to create the final result.

I received great customer feedback which made it all worthwhile

“Molly and both pups are fabulous. You are so talented”