Mackerel Fishing – Original 3D Artwork by Angela Blackman


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(Hand painted to order – please allow 28 days from order confirmation)

“British Mackerel Fishing” Original hand painted layered artwork created by Angela Blackman ©

“Often I have ideas floating around in my head that keep surfacing every now and then and this was one of them! It’s not a real place nor is it created from a specific scene. But it does remind me of a wonderful weekend at my Mum & Dads place many years ago in Pembrokeshire. There are several elements I wanted to try to create to achieve the right mood in this artwork. As a traditional seaside pastime and an essential skill, I’ve included a traditional British fishing boat in red and white. The stunning blue sky; reflective of the summer and evoking reflective, ideal happy feelings. An array of screaming gulls overhead, tracking the boat expecting tip bits or a sneaky swoop for dinner, I don’t think there was a moment when there wasn’t one at the back of the boat!” AB

Individually printed digital artwork canvas print with original artwork hand painted layer of acrylic with non ferrous metal spacers on each corner

Each canvas is printed individually to order, then a hand painted layer is added, so everyone gets an original

Overall Approximate sizes:

20 x 16 x 3 in (510 x 410 x 68 mm)

Material: Cotton Canvas – Background cotton canvas printed image 510 x 410 mm (we use the best quality cotton canvas. Not to be confused with other types of man-made coated ‘canvas’ materials)

Print Finish: Digitally printed high resolution.

Hand Painted Acrylic Layer – A hand painted sheet of ultra-clear 3mm thick acrylic 510 x 410 Constructed with non-ferrous bolts and spacers fixed at each corner of the canvas.

Complete with wall hanging bracket and wall fixings

Care: Note this is a unique artwork. It can be wiped occasionally with a dry soft cloth. Do not wet. Do not display in direct sunlight.

Made in the UK

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