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Free shipping on all orders over £50

Art and Gifts for the Home


Well what a year 2020’s turned out to be, I’m sure you can concur!

Unique Wall Art
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With all of the events we planned to exhibit this year being cancelled, for obvious and understandable reasons, my online shop has become more important for my creative work.

For those looking for something unique or individual I can offer art and gifts for the home.

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My designs take me in all sorts of directions. I don’t think I have a distinctive ‘style’ but am constantly trying new ideas and trying new techniques as the mood takes me! Nothing is mass produced, all designs are created uniquely or individually (with the exception of my placemats and coasters; which are produced as a small run in the UK) using quality materials.

Blog Malham Cove
Malham Cove Angela Blackman

Anyone who has known me for some time, also knows I always have my camera with me and love to record life’s moments and memorable times. These sometimes translate into prints or often used as reference material for other ideas. I love creating artwork to represent a ‘place’ whether it’s the world heritage “Piece Hall” or “Whitby Harbour”

Towns and places
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Originally all my work was inspired by the ever changing seasons and nature itself. This is still true of course, but as time has passed I’m becoming interested in experimenting with other ideas too such as Pyrography and Glass Painting

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Look out for my special offers if it’s a bargain you’re after, otherwise I can offer framed prints for the home, hand painted glassware or other products too, feel free to browse:

Framed prints

(If you want a different size than shown just ask)

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  • Subjects vary from particular places, landscapes or flowers
  • Photographic Scenes
  • Art Prints
  • Unique Art

Hand Painted Glassware

Hand Painted Glass
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Jellyfish hand painted glass Tumbler
Jellyfish hand painted glass Tumbler

(Most designs can be personalised at no extra cost – just ask)

Each piece is painted individually, so ideal for a unique or personalised gift

From the fun and quirky to designs suitable for the most romantic occasions. Most of my glasses are sold in pairs (This means you can give one and keep one – It has been known!)

  • Gin Glasses
  • Champagne and Prosecco Glasses
  • Whisky Tumblers
  • Highball tumblers
  • Vases of varying sizes, painted individually
Pair Handpainted Gin glasses with handmade straws
Fox design Pair of hand painted Gin Glasses with hand made straws

Commissions and special requests

Any time you see a design you like but have a preference, particularly on my glassware, I am open for commissions at no extra cost to you. Although I am creating some consistencies, the shape of a glass or vase may differ from the sold designs, it’s all down to what I can get at the time. If this is the case of course, I will show you what I plan to use to paint your commissioned design, so you can choose or see it in advance of me beginning the painting.

It takes me quite a while to paint each design and they have to cure to ensure the painted area hardens enough for use. Designs on my website are all available buy as you see them.

hand painted decanter and tumblers
Spitfire poppies Whisky tumblers decanter set

If something has sold before you get a chance to buy; then please message me as I said; I’m always happy to paint another at no extra cost to you

If you are interested in images from a particular location, I’m not saying I’ve travelled the world, but you never know I may have something I can work up to suit your artwork needs – just ask

Find out more about the specification of each design along with other details on my website.

Also, if you use social platforms please reach out on Instagram Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for reading and keep in touch!

A4 framed prints
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Stay safe