Squirrel and the Acorn – Hand painted glass vase by Angela Blackman


“Squirrel and the Acorn” – Hand painted glass vase by Angela Blackman

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“I painted this vase after watching the squirrels playing for hours; on a daily basis, in the tree at the back of our house. They are so agile and move so fast in all directions, demonstrating great acrobatic skills with superb balance and also a little mischievousness!” AB

Designed to look good with or without flowers inside

Vase approximate size:

Straight sided cylindrical

Height: 190mm Diameter: 90mm

Our designs are 100% our own and sold only by us – you are buying an original Art on Glass!

Care Instructions

Of course the painted area is delicate, but they are washable with care. Wash by hand in warm water. They are able to stand light contact with a soft cloth but not abrasion and they are not suitable for the dishwasher.

Do not soak

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