Mouse Glass Vase – Hand painted by Angela Blackman


“Mouse in the Wheat” Vase – hand painted by Angela Blackman

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“Apart from looking so cute, seeing a tiny mouse climbing in the wheat and grasses is such a magical and special thing, I had to paint one!” AB

Designed to look good with or without flowers inside!

Why not add your own LED lights

Vase approximate size:

Tapered shape vase

Height: 260mm   Diameter Base: 70mm  Diameter Top: 102mm

Care Instructions

Of course the painted area is delicate, but they are washable with care. Wash by hand in warm water. They are able to stand light contact with a soft cloth but not abrasion and they are not suitable for the dishwasher.

Do not soak

Our designs are 100% our own and sold only by us – you are buying an original Art on Glass!

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