“Mermaids Swimming” 2 x hand painted Crystal glasses by Angela Blackman


Pair of hand painted Highball Crystal glasses “Mermaids Swimming” – hand painted by Angela Blackman

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Designed as a set of two these mystical highball tumblers are ideal for your favourite long drink from Gin & Tonic to a refreshing glass of water – you choose!

A unique and special gift for a special occasion such as Birthday or simply to bring a little magical joy to the room every day!

“I really loved the idea of adding some bubbles, ice and a slice to create these fun mermaids swimming” AB

We create pieces individually so therefore source the high quality fine glasses on that basis. These brilliant clarity glasses are made for your favourite long drink and we think the designs look especially good with a few bubbles, ice and a slice of lemon!

Our designs are 100% our own and will not be found elsewhere – you are buying an original just for you.

Care Instructions

They are painted using professional glass paint, although I have kept clear of the glass rim. Of course, the painted area is delicate, but they are washable with care. Wash by hand in warm water. They are able to stand light contact with a soft cloth but not abrasion and they are not suitable for the dishwasher. DO NOT SOAK

Approximate Shape and Size

Height 145mm Diameter 60mm base 390ml

Ideal with our angled handmade glass decorated straws

Hand made glass straw - Long drink angled top
Hand made glass straw – Long drink angled top


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