“Allium Head” Square Canvas art print 12 x 12 inches (305mm x 305mm) Design by Angela Blackman ©


“Allium Head” Square Canvas art print Design by Angela Blackman ©

Produced in the UK Cotton Canvas stretched onto a bespoke-made sustainable wooden frame, fitted with specialist brackets ready to hang.

“I just love Alliums! They stand tall above most other flowers and their round heads, made up of tiny flowers are just stunning!

I created this artwork using my own photos as reference then digitally recreating it to capture the colour and impact a Allium head has in isolation” AB

Each canvas is printed individually to order

Size: 12in x 12in x 1.75in (305x305mm x 44.5mm)

Material: Cotton Canvas – we use the best quality cotton canvas (Not to be confused with other types of man-made coated ‘canvas’ materials)

Print Finish: Digitally printed high resolution. We use archival inks with 75 year Longevity.

Made in the UK

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