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“After Dark” Pair of Hand Painted Stemmed Gin Glasses Fox design with 2 x Handmade Glass straws

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Special Offer Set

“After Dark” Gin Glasses – Pair of high quality stemmed glasses. Hand Painted to order by Angela Blackman. With 2 x handmade reusable glass straws

“I don’t believe you can have an ‘After Dark’ theme without a fox slinking into the set!” AB

We create pieces individually so therefore source the high quality fine glasses on that basis. These Crystal glasses are made for your favourite long drink and we think the designs look especially good with a few bubbles, ice and a slice of lemon!

Our designs are 100% our own and will not be found elsewhere – you are buying an original just for you.

Care Instructions

They are painted using professional glass paint, although I have kept clear of the glass rim. Of course, the painted area is delicate, but they are washable with care. Wash by hand in warm water. They are able to stand light contact with a soft cloth but not abrasion and they are not suitable for the dishwasher. DO NOT SOAK

Approximate Size and shape

Height 215mm, Diameter Top 74mm with 105mm bowl, Volume 600ML


Handmade glass Gin straight drinking straws Made by Scarlet Leonard – Glass artist

Reusable, dishwasher safe

Our handmade straight Gin straws are ideal with our hand painted stemmed Gin glasses

Straws are dish washer safe for multiple use

Decorated with random coloured glass dot decoration

Sold together as a set (mixed dot colours, not necessarily as in the picture)

Straight glass drinking straw for short tumblers/balloon glasses with a decorative trio of coloured dots.
Made from durable borosilicate glass, the same glass that is used in cookware meaning the straws are dishwasher and microwave safe as well as being resistant to temperature changes, making them suitable for hot or cold drinks.

Approximate sizes;
– Straw length: 130mm (5.1″)
– Straw width: 10mm (0.4″)
– Wall thickness: 2mm (0.08″)

Both ends of the straw are polished in the flame to give a smooth finish and the straws are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to ensure maximum durability.
Borosilicate glass is also inert (it is also used in scientific applications) so unlike some other materials no chemicals will leech into your drink.

Please be aware that while borosilicate glass is tougher than regular glass, it is still glass and some care must be taken while using.
As they are glass they are not recommended for children.

You should always inspect your glass straws before use, if there are any signs of chipping or cracking do not use them however with proper care and storage these straws are capable of lasting a lifetime.

Wash before first use.
Very easy to clean, rinse with clean warm water. No brush required.
Borosilicate glass is dishwasher safe

As these are handmade it is normal for there to be some variation in the dots


Also available without straws

Pair Handpainted Gin glasses
Fox design Pair of hand painted Gin Glasses


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